North Central Instruments provides a complete line of scientific instrumentation and solutions for histology. On any product below, you can request more histology information or a quote.


Cryostats Embeddors Microtomes
Printers Processors Slide Coverslippers
Slide Stainers


Leica RM2255

 Motorized Microtome

Leica ASP300 S

 Fully Enclosed Tissue Processor Leica ASP300 S


Leica CV5030

 Glass Coverslipper

Leica ST5020

 Automated Special Slide Stainer


Leica CM1950

 Clinical Cryostat Family for Higher Quality Sectioning, Increased user Safety, and more Efficient Workflow Leica CM1950

Leica Peloris II

 Premium Tissue Processing


Leica CM1860/UV

 Cryostat for Histopathology Laboratory Applications Leica CM1860 UV