North Central Instruments has local sales representatives with science backgrounds and many years of microscopy experience to assist in determining the system that best accomplishes your goals both now and in the future. We have experience in setting up optical systems from large field of view to high resolution. These optical systems can be configured to operate manually or automated. In addition, we offer imaging capabilities with these optical systems to complete an imaging package. The complete systems can then be used to run experiments such as 3D capture, FRET, FRAP, and ratioing as well as image analysis and measuring. All of these capabilities are demonstrated, delivered, and installed by professionals with years of experience and training.

We have experience in the Histology Laboratory from the processing of the tissue to the final slide preparation. We have both sales and service expertise in paraffin and cryosectioning, tissue processing, tissue staining, glass slide coverslipping, both slide and cassette printing.

We perform professional on-site demonstrations and installations for all of our products and systems. Give us a call for a consultation.

In addition to our expert microscopy and histology sales we offer professional repair services such as cleanings, preventative maintenance, service contracts, as well as warranty and out of warranty repairs.