Explore the Hidden Worlds All Around Us


If you’re reading this blog, chances are you’re no stranger to the ways of microscopy, but you can’t help but be amazed by the stunning textures and landscapes it can reveal.

Our latest example comes by way of the artist Pyanek and the Amazing Worlds Within Our World project. With subjects ranging from kitchen sponges to cornflakes, to soap bubbles, Pyanek takes us on a fascinating dive into more mundane objects of everyday live to explore their inner complexity.

Pyanek is able to achieve some remarkable results using pretty modest gear including the Canon T3i (600D/Kiss X5) with the kit lens reversed, HeliconFocus for focus stacking and Lightroom and Exposure 5 for editing.

Just imagine the possibilities when using professional grade imaging systems from Lecia with specialty software including 3D imaging, FRAP, FRET and Rationing. We’re proud to be supplying these technologies to schools and universities all around the country to enlighten and inspire the next generation of scientists. researchers and artists.

Check out the full video of Pyanek’s work right here: