Best Microscopy Images of 2014

2014 // 3rd // Dr. Igor Siwanowicz // HHMI Janelia Research Campus // Ashburn, VA, USA

We can all agree nature has some pretty amazing spectacles to show us at every scale. As our technology improves we get to bare witness to these displays at ever smaller scales.

In pursuit of these unseen mysteries, the worlds of art and science collide each year in a glorious display of technical prowess and curiosity at the BioScapes International Digital Imaging Competition.

This year’s big winner was video of a developing fruit fly embryo made from 30-second snippets pieced together from the first 24 hours of a fly’s life. The video is a fascinating view of cells multiplying and differentiating as the larva goes from a blob to a developed creature and begins to crawl away.

Check out the video below and check out all the top winners at Wired Magazine.