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Correcting Aberration in Stereo Microscopy

Stereo Microscopes are optimized for use with samples exposed directly to air. Even though this creates increased resolving power, there are drawbacks once the sample is embedded in polymer of immersed in liquid.

This is due to refractive index mismatch which creates aberration.

Aberration occurs when there is a difference in the refractive indices of air and water. This makes it difficult to accurately observe certain features. Fortunately, this can be remedied with a specialized objective or a correction collar that corrects the mismatch. With greatly reduced spherical aberration, a sharper image is produced.

Abberation 2

Leica’s solution to aberration comes in the form of microscopes that use a correction collar. With a correction collar you can make adjustments to a group of lenses within the objective and correct for refractive index mismatch. This makes the image plane smaller giving the sample a sharper, crisper focus.

Whether the subject is embedded in a polymer (e.g. glass, plastic, etc.) or immersed in liquid we have what you need to handle a variety of obstacles to get the best image out of your sample.