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Stunning images from the 2014 Nikon Small World Competition


Every year Nikon holds a global competition to find the greatest work in photomicrography. Since 1975 they’ve encouraged professionals and enthusiasts alike to submit their work to show off the natural beauty that few ever see.

This year brought over 1200 entries from 79 countries around the world. Submissions featured everything from brine shrimp, jumping spider eyes and caterpillar legs to bovine pulmonary arteries, cricket tongues and the circuitry of a DVD reader. Each one shows a unique perspective of the world that can only be seen through microscopy. Check out the full gallery of 2014’s winners and honorable mentions at Nikon Small World

If you’re reading this, chances are you have more than a casual interest in the field. We at North Central Instruments encourage everyone to participate in the public submission. Not feeling up to the challenge? You’ve got plenty of time. The next deadline for submissions is April 30th 2015.

It’s time to jump in at start exploring the world that only microscopy gives us access to. For complete details on the Small World contest. Check out.